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photo: Joe Seamans

photo: Joe Appel



after demolition, installation of fiber optic, PVC, and fixtures

one of the stones before the grass sprouted




7:11AM 11.20.1979 79°55'W 40°27'N

Both a work for the general public and a memorial, this artwork brings 150 stars and planets to the lawn of the garden, reflecting the sky that hovered over it at the moment of Ann Katherine Seaman's birth in 1979. The title refers to that specific time, date, longitude, and latitude.

After dark, visitors see the night sky in the lawn. In the day, 150 stone markers can be found in the lawn.

The Walled Garden at Mellon Park, Pittsburgh.
Commissioned by the Pittsburgh Park Conservancy and the Pittsburgh Arts Council as part of a renovation of the garden.

108' X 66', light through fiber optic cable, 150 granite markers with text.

We researched our sky and chose the 150 brightest sky objects. Consulting astronomer Jim Kaler, we selected one of the names of each star or star cluster or planet, and a short phrase that expressed the most interesting thing about that sky object. The names and phrases are engraved on the stone markers. Some of the phrases on the markers are scientific, some are translations, some are from history or myth; many are mysterious.

WalledGarden.Night 2 from joseph seamans on Vimeo.

Landscape Architects: LaQuatra Bonci Associates, Fred Bonci and Natalie Byrd
Lighting consultant: Hal Hilbish
Astronomy consultant: Jim Kaler, Prof. Emeritus of Astronomy, University of Illinois
Granite engraving: GlassArt Design, Minneapolis
installation: Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
Project manager, PPC: Susan Rademacher
Project managers, Pittsburgh Arts Council: Renee Piechocki and Lea Donatelli
Project consultants: Joe and Elizabeth Seamans
Project assistants: Ben Cohen and Lynn Paik

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