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One of the five kiosks

Pedestrian Drama (Animation #2)



Pedestrian Drama


5 kiosks on five lamp poles each show three interconnected photographic animations, printed on successive flaps of train flap signs. The flaps turn and display the dramas like a flip book. They are triggered by motion detectors when pedestrians pass by.

East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI
Commissioned by the City of Milwaukee and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

on 5 existing lamp poles, each kiosk: 2'10" X 2'10" X 1'9"
aluminum, Solari train flap units, photographic animations, electronics, mechanical parts.

This project was a collaboration with more than 100 Milwaukeeans. We held a contest for ideas for the dramas, hired directors and performers, both professional and amateur, and filmed the dramas in Milwaukee.

Each flap unit has 60 images; each of the 5 kiosks has 3 flap units; there are 900 still photographs in all. To make the still shots, we shot 7 frames per second of live action in a studio setting under bright lights to freeze the motion. In Brooklyn, we edited the sequences, retouching all 900 images, and printed them on vinyl.

Engineering, fabrication, and installation: AFX Milwaukee
Electronics: Enhanced Automation, Menomenee Falls, WI
Film Production: Dan Wilson, Bartoli Filmworks
Studio assistants: Benjamin Cohen, Lynn Paik

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MKE night

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installation: Ben Webb and Adrian Esguerra