Audio and Video shorts will be presented continuously on the platforms of the new Hiawatha Light Rail Line at small kiosks attached to the vertical columns of 11 of the train stations throughout Minneapolis (from Nicollet Mall to Ft. Snelling). Each kiosk will be uniquely interactive, delivering your audio and video through speakers, telephone receivers, or 7" wide-aspect LCD monitors. The work is being commissioned as part of a public project for the Hiawatha Line, developed by artist Janet Zweig, working with Scharff Weisberg, Inc. (audio/video specialists) and ParallelDevelopment (industrial designers.)

Eligibility: any resident of Minnesota. We will commission up to 100 Minnesotans.

Who should send material: singers, bands, comedians, filmmakers, videographers, storytellers, monologuists, historians, meteorologists, weather-buffs, etiquette-experts, anyone with a good story to tell, etc. etc, etc.

Time-based material only: Please do not send still images or images of artwork.

The two themes: All material should be related, in some way, to one of the two clichés about Minnesota: the weather or courtesy ("Minnesota nice.") These themes can be interpreted very broadly. Don't feel you have to take these themes too literally. Your work can be related to Minnesota or the weather in any (marginal or associative) way.

Criteria: We will select material that is in the spirit of the project: witty, gutsy, edgy, informative, surprising, whimsical, or amusing.

Honorarium: Up to $500 (and no less than $200) per person or group, based on $100. per minute of material.

Length of submissions: from 10 seconds to 1.5 minutes per piece. Please send multiple entries (for example, several jokes, songs, stories, or videos) and we anticipate accepting multiple entries from one person or group. (These time requirements are approximate only; we are flexible.) Record your credit line after each piece.

Credit line: Identify yourself as the creator by including your name or a credit line, preferably at the end of the piece. Please be sure the credit line is very brief. For example, at the end of each audio file (each joke, each song, or each story), you might say: "This has been Your Name." On each video, you might put "copyright Your Name" on the screen for about two seconds or so. Please, no lengthy credits. If you have questions about this, please contact us through email.


as MP3 files on a CD.
Video (with audio): as Quicktime files on a CD or DVD, or on DV tape, or higher quality material such as betacam or digital betacam. Please note that all video will be presented on 7" wide-aspect ratio monitors (16:9 ratio.)

You can make new material in this format or adjust older material to wide-aspect.

Please send as high quality recordings as you are able to make.

If you are a performer or speaker, consider collaborating with a videographer or sound engineer to record your work.

If you don't know how to put your work into these formats, contact us by email, and we will try to help you find a way to record it.

INCLUDE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION Be sure to include all your contact information: your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

Send entries to:

Janet Zweig
54 Willow St. #4A
Brooklyn, NY 11201

(If you're planning on using Fed-ex or other service, email us for a delivery phone number.)

If you want your material returned, you must send an appropriate SASE. Materials without return packaging and postage will not be returned.

If your work is accepted: you will receive a usage agreement followed by the honorarium. Copyright of the material will remain yours. These guidelines are flexible and we are open to creative interpretations. If you have questions, ask us about it through email.